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Exterior Car Detailing in Bend, Oregon

The exterior of your car is just as important as the interior. Its easy to neglect the exterior but know that at Bend Detail and Ceramics, we treat the outside just as well as the inside. Maintaining the exterior is a key element in keeping your car looking brand new, year after year.

There are numerous different levels of auto detailing, hundreds of diverse techniques, and tens of thousands of products. Ask three specialized detailers what to do, and you will most likely get three different answers.

That is why we are here to provide you with just the right services regarding exterior auto detailing.

Our company, Bend Detail and Ceramics, offers the following services:

The best place for auto detailing in Bend Oregon:

You actually should not wash your car in direct sunlight. Indirect light or under a cover is ideal because harsh sun can cause water spots on your vehicle.

What should you use to wash your car?

When most people think of washing a car, they think of a conventional sponge. The dilemma is sponges capture and holds things like grime and grit in their large pores. Despite your best efforts to wring it out, some grit will stay behind. It becomes like washing your car with sandpaper and can create small scratches. Bend Detail and Ceramics always use a microfiber car wash mitt because the grit should fall out when you clean. Plus, We have found it easier to eliminate grime and more fun to wash the car. You can work more elbow grease into the areas and get into more challenging spots (like wheels or wheel wells) more easily.

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Bend Detail and Ceramics are working with the skilled persons who follow the golden rules when any customer trusts to take care of services for his car.

Those five golden rules are:

The materials and products that we utilize are premium quality. All outer surface components of your car are covered with our service. All you have to do is decide from our available bundles and packages.