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Which coating suits me best?

There are many coatings on the market. Some are better than others.  Bend Detailing and Ceramics is proud to use only the best and highest rated products for your ceramic coating job.

How long will it take to detail my car?

Our qualified team processes car interior or exterior parts within a maximum of 4 hours *. The exact dates are communicated to you at the same time as the preliminary inspection.

How long does the detailing last?

Good, regular maintenance plays a key role in determining the longevity of professional car wash and care. Further washing at home should be done with care and with the correct equipment not to damage the surface. The protection and sealant used will last depending on your driving style and route. The effect of professional cleaning of the car interior depends on how you take care of the car after detailing. Make sure you are using the correct tools and techniques for future washings to prevent paint damage again. The protection will last be depending on what environment the vehicle is in and how often it is cleaned.

Can you suggest a custom car detailing package?

We understand the different needs of our customers as well as the different ways of handling a vehicle. Therefore, we offer exclusive car care packages that you can choose according to the requirements of your car, from professional interior cleaning to professional washing and detailing.

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