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Boat and RV Detailing

Boat and RV Detailing in Bend, Oregon

Bend Detail and Ceramics offers a great line of services include works done on other modes of transportation, such as boats of all shapes and sizes. We know that you boat owners and devotees want to keep your water-crafts dirt free and looking spotless. We all know that long days on the lake can lead to a less than stellar level of cleanliness! Boats are a precious investment and therefore it only makes sense to invest a little bit in the cleaning and maintenance! This will allow you to enjoy your boat stress free for many years to come.

Contaminants from the water, along with dirt particles, can leave your boat looking grimy and unclean. When this happens, it is time that you take it to a boat detailing specialist near you, and that is us. Our specialists and Bend Detail and Ceramics will take good care of your boat and ensure your highest level of satisfaction.

Our boat detailing service includes:

Our superior work will have your boat looking perfectly clean and brand new. A systematic inspection is always done before and after the boat detailing, to ensure quality work. Give us a call now to schedule your Bend, Oregon boat detailing service!

RV Detailing
in Bend, Oregon

You have read that right. We also detail RV’s!

RVs are a treasure for families and individuals alike to enjoy outdoor leisure any time of the year. As such, you have to make sure that your RV is always clean in good shape and can withstand various terrains and weather conditions. Give your RV or adventure van the proper care and preservation that it needs.

With RV detailing service offered by Bend Detail and Ceramics, your RV is in great hands. We clean, wax, vacuum, and more both and inside out. Our technicians are well-aware and well-versed on the significance of RV detailing and preservation.

After your RV goes through our services, you will be able to utilize it for even more beautiful adventures and travels. Call us today and get on our books for RV detailing! Call Now!

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