About Us

A little bit about us! We’re a team gf bloggers lead by Bend, a ceramic coating expert with a decade of experience installing ceramic coatings. This new ventures is to help demystify the mountain of inaccurate information regarding coatings on the internet. We also want to help you find the right coating or installer based on your own budget and goals.

Our History

Bend installed most leading brands and have hands own experience with protecting over 1,000+ cars! Now that’s a lot of protection! From Ceramic Pro, to CQUARTZ, passing by Avalon King, Bend installed them all and will be sharing his experience with all of them over the coming months.

Our Team

Our team is lead by Bend and we’ll also have sporadic expert contributors that will share their own unique knowledge, tips, and recommendations. Each writer is dedicated to providing grounded and accurate information about paint protection so that you can cut through all the marketing claims that often stray away from reality.