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Each car has its own personality. When you choose a car detailer, you should expect more than just removing dust and stains or removing dents and scratches. You should count on professional car detailing services to help uncover your vehicle’s unique personality. This is the level of service we provide at Bend Detail and Ceramics.

Each car has its own personality. When you choose car detailing services, you should expect more than just removing dust and stains or removing dents and scratches.

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What Are Our

Interior Detailing

Our interior detailing services include a wide range of kits or packages at reasonable prices. We offer vacuum cleaning, engine cleaning, surface cleaning, and air conditioning repair. We usually dust off and remove debris and dirt stuck in the deepest corners of your vehicle. We clean and polish the entire surface, eliminating unnecessary marks and scratches. We guarantee that your car’s interior will give you a sense of comfort and class.

Exterior Detailing

The exterior detailing services provided by Bend Detail and Ceramics include an array of offensive and defensive weapons to keep your vehicle safe from the elements. By waxing, polishing, removing swirls and scratches, sanding clay parts, sanding tires, etc. we will remove surface dirt and restore your car to a new shine.

Ceramic Coating

Our most popular services for enhanced paint protection. Ceramic coating, as it is commonly called, provides serious long-term protection, making your car paintwork less susceptible to scratches and fading.

Boats and RV's

Our amazing range of services includes work done on other modes of transport, including boats of all shapes and sizes. We know for a fact that boat owners and enthusiasts want their boat to be clean and stylish despite the fact that they are exposed to a variety of hazards from both land and water.

RVs are a great investment for families and travel enthusiasts who are always ready for adventure and relaxation. You let him lead you where you want and how long you want to stay in a certain place. Thus, you need to make sure that your RV is always in good shape and can withstand different terrains and weather conditions. Exposure to these factors leads to its gradual deterioration if it does not receive the proper care and maintenance that it needs.

WHY CHOOSE Bend Details and Ceramics?

We work with high-quality professional car care products to provide the best car interior and exterior cleaning services that meet international standards. Rest assured; your vehicle will look flawless with the use of environmentally-friendly products.

Each person on our team has the skills to understand every component of your vehicle. Thus, we can work to achieve our goal – to provide the best possible exterior finish of the car, as well as car wash services in the shortest possible time.

We are committed to our promises to providing quality service with our team of experts. Highly qualified and well trained, every member of the Bend Detail and Ceramic Experts team is ready to help you; our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle.